Lonar Crater

Lonar crater is importent meteorological crater in india.Crater formed in balsalt rock 35 to 50 thousand ago.Initially people called volkanic crater.but in 1883 J. E. Alexander decleared as impact crater.this crater is just like arizona crater. except water in lonar crater.

lonar crater situated in buldana(my home town) district at lonar village.crater is 1.83 km in diameter and avarage 170m in depth and age is about 50000 yrs.

crater is 550 km from mumbai,160 km from auaragabad,100 km from buldana and 4 hour drive from ajanta caves. nearest railway station is mulkapur.

crater is importent for astronamer as well as travellar.there are two guest houses near the crater.

There are reverse magnetism at crater age,means magnetic campass shows south as north.

It is great expririence to see the crater at sunrise and sunset.